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Planning Highlights of the Township

  • Wadhwa Wise City has been conceived on the foundations of 'Happiness and Wellness'.
  • Principles of Urban Planning are well integrated to create a cohesive fabric of streets, green spaces, social amenities like schools, primary healthcare and a lot more.
  • The natural setting of mountains and hill slopes are conserved and give a natural edge to the proposed settlement.
  • Hierarchy of roads and well-defined pathways ensure safe and easy commuting within the township.
  • Town level parks and playgrounds and neighbourhood level green open spaces emphasise the health of children and adult citizens.
Upcoming Township Project in Navi Mumbai
Our Design Philosophy - Ventilit


Your needs and your dreams are what inspire us at The Wadhwa Group. We design to celebrate space, comfort and safety with no compromise whatsoever. Our philosophy of VENTILIT* borrows from nature's choicest elements of air, height and light and is exclusive to our group. We believe that meticulous planning is more important than a striking elevation. That's precisely the reason why we lay emphasis on building homes that are in harmony with the sun's path and the wind's direction. Not just that, the greater floor to ceiling height makes the apartments more spacious & elegant. Our uncompromising investment in raw materials, coupled with a practical design philosophy, promises maximum safety and minimum maintenance. A world where thoughtful designs elevate life experiences and homes celebrate life itself.

Our planning partners

Master Planner: AECOM

AECOM is an American multinational engineering firm that provides design, consulting, construction, and management services. With a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges, AECOM is our strategic master planner consultant for Wadhwa Wise City. Linked by our common vision to make the world a better place to live, AECOM is expected to advance Wise City’s efforts to become a more sustainable and integrated living environment through strategic planning and development of infrastructure.

Design Architect: Hafeez Contractor

Design Architect: Hafeez Contractor

Hafeez Contractor heads the largest architectural firm in India, with over 550 team members, comprising of architects, urban/town planners, interior designers, landscape artists, civil engineers, CAD operators and 3D and graphic designers. The firm has to its credit over 2500 clients and 7.2 billion square foot of ongoing projects in 100 cities and 5 countries. He is the winner of over 75 National and International Awards for excellence in contributions to architecture including CWAB Architect of the Year (2006 to 2013), A+D Hall of Fame for the Decade Award. He has twice has been included in India Today’s Most Powerful Indians List in last decade and has won innumerable awards for best residential, commercial, educational and hospitality projects across India. A strong advocate of judicious land use and the need for sustainable, compact cities to maintain a perfect harmony between increasing population and limited land resources, Ar. Contractor is passionate about social housing and his dream is to provide a house for every Indian aligns with The Wadhwa Group’s vision for Wadhwa Wise City.


Engaging the collective ambition and knowledge of Hong Kong University Urban Design’s Masters Candidates, there was an opportunity to explore alternative development and design model options to create alternative visions for Panvel, and for India’s future communities.

The study’s objective includes re-defining new town models and promoting urban to rural development patterns as a pioneering project site for India’s sustainable urbanization. The 3 overarching research topics were proposed as research themes, which would best address the challenges that Mumbai faces in urbanization as well as offer great international perspectives in innovative urbanization models and strategies. These topical “research umbrellas” served as a starting point whereby student groups explored, each diverging into more specific sub-topics pertaining to more defined challenges of community development themes and as strategic design development approaches for the site in Panvel.

They conducted research on three themes centered to the site conditions - Health, Green infrastructure, and Sustainability. The studio design outcome features a range of inter-related topics: wellbeing, resilience, urban agriculture, education, tourism, new transport modes, etc.

At The Wadhwa Group, we believe that knowledge is multiplied when shared, and in our endeavor to share knowledge, we have made this comprehensive study freely available to anyone who may be interested in it. Click here to view the study document.

Disclaimer:- The information provided herein is on the based on study conducted in 2016 by Dept. of Urban Planning, Hong Kong University. The study is only for reference purpose and not indicative of the actual design, planning and execution activities involved in development of Wadhwa Wise City.

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